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Florida water treatment co. for sale Florida water treatment co for sale

Oct 9, 2017
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Want to own a water treatment company in Florida? I am moving to Costa Rica and will offer DISCOUNT WATER TREATMENT SYSTEMS for less than 3 years of just the rental income. Here in N.E. Florida we’ve been selling and cultivating rental income for over 20 years. With over $4,000 coming in every month on rentals of softeners and drinking systems you can easily hit the ground running.  As of 10, Oct, 2017 we have 73 good paying units at $56 per unit average = the $4,088/m verified income. The last 3 years of taxes show we’ve increased our rental income every year and half my time was in Costa Rica. “0” amount spent on advertisement or lead cost. Now, add sales and service of salt deliveries, repairs and filter replacement and your company should be making profit w/in the 1st year.
Less than 10% of of the market has been tapped here in the 6 county area.  Here in St. Johns county, building is expected to be tops in all the U.S. -(world?) Get less than 1% of just the new home owners here in this one county and you’ll be a millionaire! I’m only asking less than 3 years of the money that is already coming in. I’ll make $150k in 3 years if I do not sell. Who ever invest $130k now they can have it all. The DISCOUNT WATER name w/ a killer phone # (904)-230-1234, inventory of at least $10,000 and the 4k monthly rental income. Only respond if you plan to make enough sales to pay off everything the 1st year. Plus rentals should double in 1 year if you are working everyday.  Call the easy phone # and ask for Travis Furr.  Osta.  Travis


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